PHP5.2_nts_Win32 + Apache 2.2_x86

1. clear port 80. ( my computer->manager ->services and application ->services ->iis ->disable )

2.install Apache by exe. (check if green color is display near apache otherwise some problem in Apache installation).

3.Copy php folder and past it into 'c directory' .

4.Give class path = c:/php;c:/php/ext; (mycomputer->properties->advance->environmentalproperties->path = c:/php;c:/php/ext; ).

5.Open httpd.conf, that is located in Apache web server installation folder, under conf directory i.e., Apache Installation folder > conf > httpd.conf Add these lines.... LoadModule php5_module "c:/php/php5apache2_2.dll" AddType application/x-httpd-php .php PHPIniDir "C:/php"

6.goto php installation directory, there u'll find a file named php-ini-recommended, rename it to, 'php.ini'.

7.Now time to modify php-ini, file... open the file in notepad, look for extension=php_mysql.dll, uncomment it, i.e., delete ";" thats prefixed...also look for "extension_dir=" append "C:/php/ext" incase ur php installation directory is php else "C:/%installation dir%/ext"

8.find directory index in http.conf and add index.php with index.html

9:Copy libmysql.dll to c:/windows/system32 mysql exe to install it. phpmysql and place that in htdocs and rename it to phpmyadmin.s check php and apache installation by give 'local host' in address bar in any browser, If 'Its work' is displayed then its installed correctly and check the green color in Apache.

Php and apache installation is done ......:):)

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