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人工智能标记语言 AIML Tag


标签 含义 备注
<aiml> 3.2. AIML Element AIML block delimeter
<topic name=”X”> 4. Topic X is AIML pattern
<category> 5. Category AIML knowledge unit
<pattern> 6. Pattern AIML input pattern
<that> 6.1. Pattern-side That contains AIML pattern
<template> 7. Template AIML response template
<star index=”N”/> 7.1.1. Star binding of *
<that index=”M,N”/> 7.1.2. Template-side That previous bot utterance
<input index=”N”/> 7.1.3. Input input sentence
<thatstar index=”N”/> 7.1.4. Thatstar binding of * in that
<topicstar index=”N”/> 7.1.5. Topicstar binding of * in topic
<get name=”XXX”/> 7.1.6. Get Botmaster defined XXX, default
<bot name=”XXX”/> Bot Custom bot parameter
<sr/> 7.1.7. Short-cut elements <srai><star/></srai>
<person2/> 7.1.7. Short-cut elements <person2>
<person/> 7.1.7. Short-cut elements <person>
<gender/> 7.1.7. Short-cut elements <gender>
<date/> 7.1.8. System-defined predicates date and time
<id/> 7.1.8. System-defined predicates client identifer
<size/> 7.1.8. System-defined predicates # of categories loaded
<version/> 7.1.8. System-defined predicates AIML program version
<uppercase> 7.2.1. Uppercase convert all text to Uppercase
<lowercase> 7.2.2. Lowercase convert all text to Lowercase
<formal> 7.2.3. Formal capitalize every word
<sentence> 7.2.4. Sentence capitalize the first word
<condition name=”X” value=”Y”> 7.3.1. Condition One shot branch
<condition name=”X”> 7.3.1. Condition Single predicate branch
<condition> 7.3.1. Condition Multi predicate branch
<random> 7.3.2. Random Random uniform selection
<li name=”X” value=”Y”> 7.3.1. Condition used by
<li value=”Y”> 7.3.1. Condition used by
<li> 7.3.2. Random used by ,
<set name=”XXX”> 7.4.1. Set May return XXX or value
<gossip> 7.4.2. Gossip Append to file
<srai> 7.5.1. SRAI Recursion
<person2> 7.6.1. Person2 swap 1st & 3rd person
<person> 7.6.2. Person swap 1st & 2nd person
<gender> 7.6.3. Gender change gender pronouns
<think> 7.7.1. Think Hides side-effects
<learn> 7.7.2. Learn AIML loading
<system> 7.8.1. System platform-dependent
<javascript> 7.8.2. JavaScript Javascript

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